Digital Music audio quality Myths
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    Default Digital Music audio quality Myths

    I don't necessarily believe in the debate analog vs digital, time changes every format we use: writing in stone and then using ink and paper, whatever you can imagine its changed along with culture and technology, this doesn't mean things evolve and change for the better, they just adapt.
    Anyway, an article just published in "Create Digital Music", enjoy

    The Myth of Falling Fidelity, and Audio History Unburdened by Fact (Link)
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    Really great article man!
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    Interesting article. Brings up some great points. I'm not sure if I agree with the idea of making tracks sound the best in the worst situations.

    I dont really think there is a way to make it sound great when your kitchen blender is running, and great when you are in your studio in your monitor headphones.

    The easiest way to make a song sound good in the worst situation is juts to smiley face EQ it. The highs should cut through any background noise, and the boosted lows will compensate for the shitty speakers. Obviously this isnt going to sound The GREATEST through the places it really matters (to me at least).

    anytime theres anything about audio fidelity, I feel like I'm compelled to present this song, which has grown on me tremendously since the first time I heard it, many months ago (it was fucking great live too!)

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