Touch Sensor Sensitivity setting for scratching
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    Default Touch Sensor Sensitivity setting for scratching

    hello all,

    was curious to know, where should I be setting the touch sensor sensitivity dial on the back of the VCI 100 SE to get the best performance for various scratching techniques?

    And as always, thanks in advance for your time and help, this site and forum really kicks major a$$ in terms of knowledge, information, support and all that extra good stuff!


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    The touch sensitivity is a personal setting, and one that you need to tweak slightly over time. My suggestion is that you find a setting that works when you make a positive contact with the jog plate, but not too sensitive that when you are pitch bending you get the occasional "touch". You will have to experiment.

    And don't be surprised that if in a few weeks you need to make a small adjustment, especially if your VCI is brand new or you change something like painting the jog plates. I found the machine had a small break-in period and the jog sensitivity stabilized after a month. Plus if you go from a very dry environment to a really humid one (or the other way around), this may have an effect on the sensitivity too.

    Let us know how you get on.

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