Thinking of selling my VCI-100 how much you think its worth
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    Default Thinking of selling my VCI-100 how much you think its worth

    Hey i have my vci 100 sitting round and havnt touched it in 3 months been focusing of my DVS set up and have no time for both midi djing and DVS. I dont want this thread to turn into a why are you mixing DVS it sucks i have made my mind up and i want to know how much it is worth.

    Firmware v3
    Arcade kit from DJ tech tools
    Pro-x fade
    v2 midi mapping overlay

    I am not selling it at the moment cause i am in exams at uni but just looking for a ball park for how much it is worth so i can get rid of it after exams. This is a old photo without the x-fade in

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    $100.00, I'll send you the money right now.

    In all seriousness I think maybe $700-$750 US would be a good deal for whoever bought it.
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