soldered a header onto my MF but not working right.
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    Default soldered a header onto my MF but not working right.

    hi, Is the knob function working yet with latest firm ware update.

    I've soldered on a header block into place and wired up some knobs and buttons but the all it seems to do is continually sends messages to the software not allowing me to set different actions to different the knobs etc.

    I was wondering if this function is a firmware issue. My soldering looks good to me so I don't think its that's the issue ( but it could be)

    any help Guys???

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    The issue may be that the switches on the digital inputs need to be wired with a "pull up" resistor:

       +----------o  +5v
      [ ]
      [ ]   1k ohm  (value not that important)
      [ ]                  (one for each digital input)
       +----------o  digital in
        \   switch
       +----------o   gnd
    The next version of the firmware enables an internal circuit in the chip which removes the need for these pull-up resistors, so you just connect the digital input to ground through a switch. Lots of new features coming up!

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