Favorite Traktor Effects/Effects Combos
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    Default Favorite Traktor Effects/Effects Combos

    I have just started to get into the wonderful world of the effects of traktor. I was wondering what is your favorite effect and/or chained effect combo? What do you use that get's the crowd going nuts or make that sweet transition? Let me know, I've been trying to come up with some myself and best I got is a white noise type filter but that's been done on here already by far better than I. Also as a side note have you discovered any cool not so obvious uses for any of the effects? Let me know thanks again guys for all the great feedback.

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    try watching the video tutorials for fx's from djtt
    look in the blog for dj tips and fx combos
    there are some sick combos there!

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    first of all, i love this forum and site! thank you all for this nice place

    I love the beatslicer! You can build awesome sounds and loops with it :-) Perfect cue juggling extension.

    Also the simple delay + filter is very fine for smooth transitions :-)

    Here is a great tutorial list:

    Where can i find more stuff? Share your experience and knowledge in this thread! :-)

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    I personally like the gater/ Digital LOFI combo. It makes it sound like you're scratching.

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