I am going to attempt to connect a few different set ups frankensteined in some way.

If one person was to run, A vci100 arcade with a midi fighter and 2 technic 1200's with traktor scratch pro and another person running an apc40 kp3 and an electribe with ableton live 8, how can you connect these together in a creative way. Can tha apc40 be used as a sampler, the electribe running midi in live used for live instrumentals and midi synced to the traktor deck? and the kaoss pad used for effects. with ableton controlling what channel the effect it goes on? Also is there anyway to see the ableton on the traktor computer, ( I know you can see traktor on the ableton computer. there will be 2 computers and 2 sound cards. Can i hear both from both sound cards for pre listening?