Pressing Cue 1 in juggle mode = Play?
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    Default Pressing Cue 1 in juggle mode = Play?

    There was something Ean did in the Aerodynamic video that I've been trying to figure out how to do. There's a few times where he's in juggle mode and presses both Cue 1 buttons at the same time, but then one deck continues to play after he lets go of the button. I would love to be able to do this and can't find in any of the VCI-100SE videos how to do this.

    I was under the impression that you had to press and hold a cue button then press the juggle button to keep the deck playing, but Ean's video showed otherwise.

    Figured it out. You have to have press CUP on the track and that will allow you to hit a cue point and have it actually play from there instead of just playing for however long you're pressing the button.
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    And there is another way. Let's say you have a track loaded, and it's paused. Hold down Cue 1 and then press JUGGLE 1-4. Let go off both buttons and it will continue to play

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