How do I get Traktor Pro to analyze certain songs?
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    Default How do I get Traktor Pro to analyze certain songs?

    I have Traktor Pro (Demo, will be getting actual soon...when I have the money). Now I navigate to my tracks through the itunes browser on the ide and go to the playlist all the songs I use are (all my songs show up under my track collection, but this itunes playlist has all the sonngs I mix (house,electro, etc.)).

    How Do I get it to analyze just these tracks?


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    Any song that you use, when you drag them over to a deck, are automatically analyzed and are copied in the track collection. What you could do is drag the playlist file into the "Track Collection" which will analyze all of them, then copy the playlist, so that you can isolate those songs you want to use.
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    Make sure that the Options to Analyse tracks when Imported to The Collection & Load New Tracks Into Deck are checked or Analysis wont be automatic.

    And yeah, tracks need to be in the Collection before they can be analysed.

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