Ableton Suite 8 vs Fruity Loops 0 Producer XXL Edition
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    Default Ableton Suite 8 vs Fruity Loops 0 Producer XXL Edition

    Which of these is the best way to go?

    Been playing with Live over the past few days and quite liking it. I got a license off a friend who runs a studio who had a spare license, and I already had Fruity Loops, which I got off the same person earlier this year.

    Just wondering which is best for producing, creating remixes etc. I remember I once watched a video interview with Laidback Luke who said he used both, and both took about the same amount of time to create a track or remix.

    Never really delved deep enough into either to get my head around it, but wondering which one to invest time and effort in. I'm intending to do live DJ sets in the near future using Live, so it seems a logical step to use that. However, I like the Fruity Loops' simple interfaceon creating loops and using the piano roll.

    Any advice, positive or negative on either for production (or even DJing) terms would be hugely appreciated!

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    i personally use live for both dj'ing and production. my sets tend to be a mixture of a 'live show' and a dj set. i usually start out with some of my own stuff out of loops that i have made and transition into full songs by other artists. i haven't used any other daw (well, i used reason and cubase for a bit), so my opinion may not help too much. i would go wtih live all the way. it is extremely flexible and will soon have some serato functionality--not my thing but to each his own, right?

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    I know both Ableton and Fruity loops really well, i use fruity for prodution and ableton for live remixes.

    Depending on what your remixing Ableton might lend itself better to remixing because of the pretty cool swing system in Ableton - but generally i find Fruity to be way better for production because of the different automation possibilities. Abletons automation system is pretty piss poor, while FL studio is known very well for its absolutely kick ass automation system. XXL definitely comes with more content in the way of fx and synths go though.

    Id say try them both and make up your mind - i know people who love Ableton for producing and hate FL for producing, so its all only very relative to how the user perceives the program.

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    They both have their advantages.
    Bento's comment on Ableton's automation system tends to be true while FL does have allot of juice under its hood people are generally unaware of.

    Honestly since you already have both why not learn them both. You can ReWire them together and take advantage of either of their benefits.
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