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    Arrow *** ! READ ME FIRST ! *** Posting Instructions

    This forum is only for posting midi mappings of software.

    This forum is not for posting questions on how to map devices, or getting advice - if you have any questions about mapping something or need advice ask in the General Forum.

    Please use the following format for the SUBJECT line of your post:

    (CONTROLLER) (SOFTWARE) (NOTES- what is special or description)

    for example

    Oxygen 8 and Trakto Pro (custom edit of eans file- advanced juggle mode)
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    Default vestax VC100mk2 mapping

    has anyone got mapping for vestax VC100mk2 pc (vesta) version in traktor pro

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    Default help pls

    cursing:cant get my vdj to work with my stanton scs3 it worked before only the lights did'nt on the mixer it shows on the p.c but i could live with that now only the decks work just the fx on deck b keeps changeing its been 3 weeks now i dj on the radio and its a pain to use my mouse to use the cross fader on the p.c can smoe one help i'll even give you a shout out live on air

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