Cue points getting deleted instead of playing.
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    Default Cue points getting deleted instead of playing.

    This happens seemingly randomly, but I'll be in the middle of a mix and have one loop going (while in juggle mode), then, when i press a button to jump to a different cue point, the cue point just gets deleted instead of the music jumping to that cue point. this can be a huge problem O_O. It's as if I shift+pressed the cue button but I didn't hold shift at all. what's going on?

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    I've experienced this quite a bit when rapidly entering and deleting cue points, where I can't enter in cue points when pressing one of the cue buttons. Pressing Shift again will allow me to enter new cue points. It's like the Shift button is getting stuck when I'm deleting them. This has happened quite a few times, but I haven't been able to consistently repro it.
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