I have a big problem! I am using vestax vci 300 and serato itch. secondly i am using mac. I will stream on a webradio and need a program for it because searto itch doesn't support streaming. Which program is easy to use and the best way with serato itch? I tried nicecast on mac os but after fill out the serverdetails i have to fill username and password. this webradio don't have a username.. if i will this feld blank i get always a error message to fill out username.. it doesn't accept only a password... i was really fucked up about it and tried traktor pro with vestax vci 300 because traktor supports streaming.
ye i didn't find a good map !! I used a map from this forum.
VCI_300_v1.1.tsi and Morbidos_300.tsi ... with this maps i can't do nothing..(maybe in installed it wrong?!)
it sucks rly need your help pls!!