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    Quote Originally Posted by V-Hoff View Post
    From 2 weeks ago until now this music is playing everyday at the brazilian radios...

    When we listen to some classic brazilian music remixed here at brazil the people doesn't like it either... It's old news to us, no "copacabana" remixes will make success here, but it maybe do fine at europe or eua...
    It's a regional trend...

    I've listen the psytrance live act called "Void" playing "Daddy Yankee - La Gasolina" (Reggaeton) remixed to psytrance at this open air rave XXXPerience party 3 years ago, it was horrible for us, maybe in other countries they made some success but at brazil we were so tired of this music playing at the radio and the reggaeton rhythm is not so famous here.

    Another example, GMS (psytrance) made a remix (GMS - Tudo Mundo) of the "Tribalistas - JŠ Sei Namorar" song. This song is a brazilian pop, romantic song, but it has a nice vocal. Here most of the people who like EDM songs HATE Tribalistas, so here this music made no success...

    It's nice to aways check your track list with a friend from the country that you are going
    Shiit....My mate Damage got onto Skazi's label when it was still 'KILLARGH' and called Shaffel Recs. But his album finally came out on his new album Chemical Crew.

    Then that label went commercial....and the result is VOID playing such shyte.

    I mean come on already.... fucking works!

    He is still riding that shit for all its worth. ....But for how LONG!

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    sorry to dig this back up, lol.

    but had to mention that i saw this POS track clear the 2nd room at the club i went to last night.

    people are sick of now it seems

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    I usually tend to not join those angry rants against songs, people or whatever. And if I do, I try to stay calm and argue with reason. But as far as this Americano song is concerned:


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    Please will you play Americano????? Its my forever FAV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Gets gun out and shoots said person!!!)
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