HELP with Broken Buttons on VCI-100 ?
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    Wink HELP with Broken Buttons on VCI-100 ?

    Please let me know if you can help. thanks.

    Im not sure if this is the right place to post this, as i've searched the fourms many times but came up with no solid answers.

    My second hand VCI-100 unit has 6 buttons that dont respond when pushed. the buttons still light up but show no response when pushed. they dont interfere with my current mappings but i would still like to use those buttons when i upgrade to DJTT mappings (thanks Ean). will upgrading the firmware (i have 1.2) somehow make the buttons to work again ? is there any other way to fix this?


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    I don't think upgrading to 1.3 will fix this. What software are you using? Does the midi light come on when you push any of the buttons? Which buttons are they? Can the PO give you any clues as to why they don't work? You'll probably need to take it apart to look to see if maybe something was spilled on the VCI or if there's some loose connections. Six separate loose connections seem kind of odd to me so maybe you'll get lucky and just need to clean some spilled beer up.

    This video has a pretty good walkthrough and taking the VCI apart.

    Post back any findings.
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