vci 100 se not syncing with traktor pro properly
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    Hello All @ DJ TT,
    Total nooby here as i just got my vci 100 se less than a month ago. I have it hooked up & working but there are a few minor issues. First to cue headphones i hit either deck c or d not headphones logo. Second the slice is play/pause and play does nothing and a couple of other buttons/knobs not working but the data is being sent to traktor which is broadcasted by the blinking light. As I'm totally a beginner & trying to understand it all.. I've updated all mapping, watched all updated videos several times. I know it will take a lil'while to completely understand it fully
    but would apreciate some other knowledge also
    fyi, I run vista 64 sp2 on my pc & xp sp3 on my dell net-book both with fast track pro external soundcard.. I have the same issue on both setups. >.<

    I'm still fricken slammin beats n havn fun...^.~

    thanks for any help or suggestions


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    Are you running Traktor Pro? And is your version up to date (click the NI or Traktor logo for the about window, we are at 1.2.6 now)? Update with Service Center if you need to.

    Next, use the BIG import button at the bottom of the preferences window. The latest TSI (3.5.2) has a PDF walkthrough of the mapping showing the steps. After importing the TSI, choose Controller Manager from the left pane of Preferences, then choose the VCI from the Device list (its OK if its not on top), now set the In and Out Port to Vestax (I think this is your main problem).

    Let us know if this helps.

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    It sounds like you have not imported the VCI-100SE mapping for Traktor Pro. Download the latest version here. I just took a look at a regular VCI-100 and it looks like the Cue buttons are where the Deck C and Deck D buttons are. Same with Slice and Play/Pause so it definitely sounds like you simply aren't running the SE mapping.
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    awesome thanks for the help guys, Phil u nailed it on the head... I never imported the tsi file. I thought just by opening traktor w/it it would import automatically..

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