more problems with the vestax vci-100 jog wheel
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    Default more problems with the vestax vci-100 jog wheel

    for some reason, my right jog wheel is now getting stuck often. now what i cant figure out is why, because, its not the actual physical wheel that has restricted movement. it seems to be more of the receiver because when i try to move it, like normal, the light will go red and i will be able to scratch, but when i release it, it stays red and does not play. how do i fix this?

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    Try to adjust the sensitivity of the jog wheel on the back. Be careful though as someone broke the little knob a couple of weeks ago.
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    I think you need to clean it tou can Search in this forum
    The real ploblem is "metal piece that contacts the jog wheel axle. Its not too
    clear, but there is a wire that is connected to it. " just clean it bye a tissuie It's will work fine like a new unit.....Lubricant you do't need it....but if you like youcan

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