I was wondering if anyone could help with this situation that has midi programming knowledge.
I have VCI-100SE firmware 1.3 and using 3.5.2 tsi with Traktor 1.24. I have bought timecode vinyl to do scratching with. I can do this but I would like to map a button on the vci to be able to toggle between modes.

Ideally I would like to use the 'SCRATCH' button (ideally labelled and I only use the jogs in vinyl mode anyway). What I need is that when you toggle the button to on (led lit up) it will change the corresponding deck control from internal playback to scratch control. Also I need to do something about selecting 'RELATIVE MODE' maybe using shift button.

At present it a bit of a pain using the mouse

Any ideas help etc would be truly appreciated

Regards from an eager scratch dj that has been converted to digital