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    Default Our UK Djs

    Well Well, UK Fellas'

    It's time to introduce yourself, whether you're a bedroom DJ or a regular in the big club scene.

    Name: NewB
    Age: 14 in 3 days
    Occupation: Bedroom DJ
    Bit about myself: Well, i suppose i can say that i have age on my side, do work for people around my village on and off and that's what pays for my gear. As i really am NewB i'm finding my feet in which music i like playing and at the moment have a VCI100SE and TOSHIBA LAPTOP. Going for an audio 2 next, then the midifighter, then a macbook.

    Your turn peeps

    NewB: OVer and OUt!
    'Then if you get no joy. Put Dog Shit through their letter-box'

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    I'm sitting pretty in North London for the mo, as I've moved around as often as I seem to change DJ gear!

    Name: Lantau
    Age: 26
    Occupation: Code Monkey

    Been DJing for around 7 years now, from vinyl to CDs to Traktor to Itch. Haven't played out much since I made the switch from vinyl, so mostly at house parties now. If I'm honest I haven't felt comfortable with the digital revolution since I sold my turntables so I'm continually searching for the right setup, which is why I'm here! (then perhaps I'll become mega-famous mwuhahahaha... )
    MacBook, Vestax VCI-300 with Serato Itch
    www.djlantau.com | www.youtube.com/djlantau | www.soundcloud.com/djlantau

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    Name: John
    Age: Prehistoric
    City: Sheffield, England
    Occupation: Graphics

    Started DJing in late 80's using vinyl, did many clubs, bars and pirate radio stations. Spent late 90's onwards getting into production and building my own studio. Started DJing again in recent years and really enjoying it again. Slaving away spending hours and hours over a beat can be very fustrating, switching on traktor and jamming is fun
    I now DJ every fortnight Sundays 8pm-10pm (UK time) at www.future-music.co.uk and a few clubs around town.
    I play Detroit Techno, Deep House, Acid.

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    Name: Dan
    Age: 26
    Occupation: Weilder of pork
    Bit about myself: Been dj'ing for about 9 years. Play out regularly and used to promote own events, but recently been concentrating more on production. I started out on vinyl playing UK garage back in 2000/2001, progressed through trance, funky house and soulful house before finally finding my ideal sound a few years back - Techno! I have recently purchased a Traktor pro set up so am moving into the digital age! See sig below for gear list.
    ::: DJ (House/Deep/Techno)

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    Name : Gav
    Age : 26
    Occupation : making money by any means

    I used to be a raver back in my student days, but i never thought about picking up djing untill about 2 years ago when i realized i just was not getting out to clubs enough cause of work so i started putting little mixes together to listen to as i mostly work alone I can have my own mini rave, i work very early in the morning usually 4 - 5 am till 2 in the afternoon and i usually never get weekends off.
    I would say i'm still a bedroom dj done a few party's and warm ups, not really looking to make it big just really enjoy the music i play. Although i would like some gigs.
    Here's Where I Put My Stuff Remix's/Mix's/and............. Genrally Madness

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    Name: Jason or Lecko
    Age: 27
    Occupation: Apple Certified Mac Tech
    Location: Cov/Leics

    Started dj'ing 5 years ago, held a residency since my first night, started off playing rock nights and now playing indie/electro and a bit of everything, started using cd'js and now loving the digital age! I gave up my residency 5 months ago due to work and got roped back into it by the owner to do the summer months (student nights) money to good and plus I had the itch to get back on it! Especially when you hear a tune that is massive and think, ahhh man I'd love to drop this!
    MacBook Pro 15" 2.0GHZ i7. Kontrol S4. Traktor Scratch Pro 2.5. MidiFighter Classic. Aiaiai TMA-1.

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    Name: Rob
    Age: Tirty-tree and a turd
    Occupation: Control Room Communications
    Location: London

    Always loved music, started mixing a few years ago thanks to a good mate with TTs, play out and about properly every now and again, to 2 men and a dog every Sunday at my local, gigs for friends etc. Just started getting into edits, production and live remixes in order to sound different and push things on. Cheers.
    DJTT Nu Disco Mix Train Vol 1
    beats and balearic bobs in north-west london
    iTunes podcast

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    Name: Max
    Age: 33
    Occupation: Commercials Producer
    Location: London

    Been djing since i was 15 :eek:, so that's 18 years... was into old skool 'ardcore,


    started off on vinyl, then got final scratch (yuck) then got serato (yum-ish) then packed off me tts completely and got a vci-100 (hurah)

    used to promote and resident at a night called stepback in manchester... the brkdwn in london... now just play parties etc and spend a fair amount of time on this here forum
    Club of Jacks are a London based House & Garage production / DJ duo with releases on a number of underground labels including Plastik People Recordings, Blockhead Recordings, Hi Energy!, Pocket Jacks Trax, Soul Revolution Records and their own Club of Jacks imprint.

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    Name: Josh
    Age: 19
    Occupation: Dirty Student Lame-o
    Location: Lancaster

    Been DJing for around 6 months, played house parties only until two weeks ago when I played at a DJ comp, now I'm playing out every Friday night in town. Play Electro House and 'Nu Disco', with some classics thrown in for good measure. Working with Traktor Pro and VCI-100 with Audio2DJ but learning how to handle the CDJ's at the club while I'm there.

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    Age: 27
    Occupation: Sports Marketing/DJing
    Location: London

    Been Djing for 6 or 7 years with a break in the middle... Play out regularly at all the big clubs in London, also played in NYC, Miami, Montreal and a few other places around Europe. Music style went from Hard House to Trance to where i am now (Tech house, progressive, techno). Started off using vinyl, now using CDJs, Im not sold on the whole digital DJing thing yet. Im always up for meeting London based DJs, promoters, and producers...

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