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    none of the clubs i've played have a mixer or decks, we always have to drag them in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karlos Santos View Post
    Some clubs dont have mixers or decks just shackles, chains and nipple clamps.

    I guess you dont go to the same kind of clubs as me though
    Yes Karlos thats a COMPLETELY different kind of club,

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    Further to this - what about cables? My soundcard has 1/4" TRS Balanced outs - was thinking I should carry:

    1/4" TRS male to XLR male - XLR female to 1/4" TRS male - 1/4" female to RCA male

    My thinking is the 1/4 TRS male would work on a unbalanced 1/4" female and thus I would have all 3 types of plugs ready to um, er plugin- right?

    I'll carry a couple of nipple clamps or roach clips in case I run into Karlos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Risc12 View Post
    I have a question about DJ'ing in a club, my first question is : Do all clubs offer a club-mixer? And is it normal to NOT use this mixer? Because i'm a digital mixer and i use an Omni Control, so i have my own soundcard. Second: Do most clubs offer club-turntables?

    Thanks in advance,
    The club that will be my 1st gig does *not* have a mixer. They said it was because each DJ has their own pref. They have decks though.

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    having made most of my "career" DJing in total shit holes, yes, the club might have a mixer, but that sure as shit doesn't mean it's gonna work.


    Contact or visit the club and find out what they have, that way you can prepare. Nothing sucks more than walking in and finding out that you can't spin cause the club requires you to have everything or whatever.

    And Karlos, when you come out this way I'll take you to some of those clubs
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