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    hi guys

    so im new to the forum and the world of digital dj'ing. what im going to ask is more than likely somewhere on these pages but i cant seem to find it anywhere.

    i bought a vci-100 of a friend and set it up with traktor le (came with my audio4) and then i got a free upgrade to DUO. with both programs i have downloaded all the updates etc and my computer registers that the controller is there but i still seem to be unable to use my vci properly

    it took a while to get the jog wheels to work but i still cant get the crossfader or channel volumes to be responsive.

    i know this will most likely make me look stupid as its gonna turn out to be the easiest thing to fix.... but what am i doing wrong????

    im intending to just upgrade to traktor pro but surely thats not the full answer???

    thanks in advance for your help and im sure ill get one or two sarcy answers

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    Is Traktor set to use the internal mixer or an external mixer? In external mixer mode, the crossfader is inactive.

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    Click on the gear looking thing in the upper right corner to get to the preferences pane. Then Click on the setup wizard button on the bottom of the preferences pane. That should walk you through getting it set up properly. Let us know if how it works out.

    EDIT: I'm not sure if the option will pop up in Duo or not, but be sure to check no time code control in the setup wizard if your not using CD's or turntables.
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    thanks for the advice

    its all working a treat

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