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    Hey guys,

    Just got my VCI-100SE about two weeks ago and so far I've loved it, especially the portability factor! After switching over from a Numark NS7 and Serato, I seriously appreciate the weight change haha.

    Anyway, I've been trying to adjust to Traktor Pro and I'm having trouble with syncing tracks-on my NS7, I pressed Sync and everything would just perfectly Sync. Now, whenever I open Traktor and try to sync a track that is more than +/-8%, it just doesn't work. The pitch fader will go to the highest or lowest it can, in this case 8%, and just stop there. I want to be able to sync tracks as easily as I did in Serato. Any advice on how to setup Traktor t just work as soon as I boot it up? I don't want to hear from any haters who might think that using the Sync button is cheating-I know. I just am trying to adjust to a new deck and this is way I DJ.

    Thanks in advance to any replies!

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    Go to Preferences, Transport. Then look for pitch fader range.

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    What mapping are you using? The latest DJTT mapping doesn't do this to me.
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    Dude, I'm having the same problems. I have firmware 1.3 and traktor pro. I have had everyuthing working fine until the past few days. I can't get anything to sync when it was so easy before. This is actually starting to tear me away from my vci when I just got it! I can't be dealing with no sync, traktor freezing occasionally and my fx not working all the time. This mapping shit is starting to get annoying!

    If you find any answer, please help me as well as I will do the same!


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