I am not very good at the midi programming and was wondering if someone could help with my situation:

I want to use the SCRATCH button to do the following:

When the scratch button light is on I would like it to activate the scratch control for using timecode vinyl and to put it in relative mode (only need this for decks A and B but if it can be mapped to C and D as well all the better)

I am not concerned with the CDJ mode of the jog wheels and only use them in the normal mode e.g. jog wheel plate controls scratch of track and outer edge is pitch bend.

The reason for this is to be able to use timecode vinyl for scratching but still keeping all the functionality of the VCI-100. I have already got the timecode working fine and I could always do these changes with the mouse but why not make things easier eh?

Ay help with this would be truly appreciated as I know what a bitch the programming is (I have tried and failed!)

Thanks in advance