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    Am I able to intergrate my 2 MF's to work alongside my VCI usin TP.
    I mainly want to use the VCI as a mixer, will I have to build a seperate TSI to work with the MF using the decalised mapping.

    Usually I use an external mixer, but im away from home now and would like to record some mixes.

    Im using a standard 13" MAC with only 2 USB.... Traktor 1.2.6... 2 new MF and a VCI -100 with the second most recent of eans mappings.

    Can anyone point me in the right dierection?
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    Grab a powered USB hub, plug your vci and midi fighters, then use your second port for your sound-card. If you have no sound-card then put the vci on the second port...

    Here's Ean's guide to USB hubs, I have the ULTRA USB Hub (the cute little steel one in the guide), it works great, but you have to order that one online. Check out Google shopping and if there's a best buy nearby... I will say that sometimes my usb powered hub gives my midi fighters problems so I would recommend trying the hub without power first (bus powered only).

    Does that answer your question? O.o
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