Four Bank Mode Availability
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    Default Four Bank Mode Availability

    Hey All - just looking to see how far away four bank mode is....

    -Rob Free!

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    Just had a second kid three weeks ago, so spare time is a little tight.

    If anyone wants to dig in and fix the issues, I can do a code drop.

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    I have been writing/playing to write a new firmware, basically just to update the four banks mode, actually it works, but as long as i have no idea how usb works (i decide to start in easy mode). I had a problem.
    Basically i would like to know if this:
    // Select the "IN" Endpoint (that is input from the Host's POV, output
    // from our point of view).
    // If the endpoint isn't ready to receive new data (still being sent)
    // then wait for the next time around the loop.
    if (!Endpoint_IsINReady()) {
    // Check whether the endpoint is ready to be used. If not, finish this task.
    if (!Endpoint_IsReadWriteAllowed()) {
    is the reason that makes the firmware skip the rest of the code below in Midi_task, if there is not a program(computer) running(live, traktor,~~~).
    My thoughts are that as long as there is no software host waiting midi messages, "no matter what" after that MF sends the first midi message and nobady handles it, the code above skips the routine, am i right?

    I get lost everytime i start reading about endpoints,descriptors and so on.

    If anybody wants to test it I upload the .hex but is just a betabetabeta version, but for my it works(Live).

    I dont know how to upload the code, i can try later to discover how sourceforge work, if you are interested


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