Acapellas: Warp or Not?
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    Default Acapellas: Warp or Not?

    Hey guys I'm wondering how many of you warp your acapellas?

    Would you say anything before the 90's would have to be warped or is it all dependent upon the source of the file.

    I'm just contemplating if I should warp all my acapellas or if a lot of recent ones would be fine with a proper beatgrid in Traktor.

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    Most acapellas from songs where computers were not controlling the drums will need warping to stay at a precise BPM over a few minutes. Depending on the genre, that's around the early 90s and earlier but it varies and many bands still record without a click track. If you're just playing a short sample of the acapella from a cue point juggling standpoint or something, it's usually possible to get it in sync enough just by messing with the tempo slider.

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