New Traktor User Help With Gear Selection
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    Hey everyone-

    I have been using Virtual DJ for the past year or so. Its a great piece of software, but I'd like to expand my musical horizons a little bit. I looked into Traktor and I have to say I'm extremely impressed. I like the software, the customization options, multiple decks, and built in FX. So I'd like to make the proper migration over to Traktor (software and hardware).

    My current setup is as follows:

    1) Controller - Numark Total Control
    2) Sound Output - Utilizing internal laptop line out (Channel A) and external 24 bit soundblaster (Channel B)
    3) Mixer - Utilizing external Tascam analog mixer (nothing fancy, basic functions, no FX)
    4) Laptop - Apple Macbook Pro

    As you can see I have a very basic, minimal setup. I basically use the Total Control to start/stop tracks, adjust pitch, and use the limited FX in Virtual DJ. I use the cheapo external mixer to mix all my tracks.

    Moving over to Traktor, I'm a little bit torn between using an external mixer or the internal mixer via a controller (something like a VCI-100). I love the tactile feel of a regular mixer and I was thinking of possibly upgrading to a DJM-800 (even though that is a pretty big chunk of change) sometime in the future to allow for more FX options over my current setup.

    After much research, I've decided to do away with the external mixer altogether and move towards using a controller to fully utilize the internal mixer in Traktor. So here is my setup as of now:

    1) Controller - Vestax VCI - 100
    2) Sound Output - M-Audio FastTrack Pro or NI Audio 8
    3) Mixer - Utilize internal Traktor Mixer
    4) Laptop - Apple Macbook Pro

    Few questions for you guys:

    1) Would you recommend any other other controllers other than the VCI-100? It looks like its the gold standard for Traktor, but wanted to see if anyone had any other recommendations.

    2) Money is a little bit of an issue here, so if I can save on equipment I'd like to. So going back to the controller issue, would there be any way to salvage the Numark Total Control? I know its compatible with Traktor, but has anyone made the switch from the Total Control to the VCI-100? Has it made a world of difference (I can always get sell the Total Control if it does)?

    3) Should I get the M-Audio Fastrack Pro or the NI Audio 8? I don't plan on using external cd decks or turntables. Would this be the only reason to get the NI Audio 8? I plan on routing one master cable to the external mixer (the one hooked up to the club sound system) and using another output for headphone cuing. The M-Audio Fastrack Pro should be able to do this by itself right? In what other cases would I want to get the NI Audio 8?

    Thanks in advance for your help. I'm pretty stoked to moving to a 100% digital solution so any advice you could give on making the transition would be much appreciated.

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    I've seen a couple of ppl saying that the fast trk pro has alot of issue, so beware and read the problems they have been having (Look in GEAR section). In regards to the vci-100 you can find used vci for dirt, but keep in mind that you dont know what use has been up into them. The audio 8 is a solid sound card and it run hot! Meaning the sucker is loud. Another option would be the vcm being that is has a sound bulit in.

    Goodluck and Welcome to the DJ TT site.

    keep us posted
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    if u can afford it evo 5 rocks with traktor.....dont tell denon but my hs5500 is now a backup!!!
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    If i were you i'd figure out a good soundcard and see how the numark total control goes.

    If you decide you want to upgrade then you can at least sell the numark and get something better, probably a vci-100.

    Either way you need a proper soundcard.
    I personally use a Behringer BCD3000 and its internal soundcard and periodically i consider dropping about $1000 AU on a VCI-100 and soundcard.

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    Thanks for the help guys. I think I'm going to stick with the Total Control for now and am going to have to decide on a soundcard. I've read about the Fast Track Pro, it appears there could potentially be lots of issues with it, so Im now deciding being the Audio 8 and the M-audio firewire 410.

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    is it a good idea for you guys who use the vci-100's to get yourself an Audio 8?
    im thinkin if u would want to run 4 channels ud have the option of timecontroll vinyl and CD's paired with the Vestax, or another controller for decks C and D
    what u think?
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    Don't go for the Fast Track Pro. My experiences haven't been that great. Something in that price range I would recommend are the NI Audio Kontrol 1 and the Novation nio 2|4. Also look for used audio interfaces. This could mean saving you a couple hundred. I picked up pretty much a new Presonus Firebox for $200.

    The VCI-100 is awesome and with newer controllers that are out e.g. NS7, Otus, VCI300, the prices I think will drop and there will be many who will be upgrading their gear as well. It might be worth it to get a quality second hand unit. It may mean saving half off the sticker price.

    I'm mentioning purchasing used because you said money is an issue. Try out the gear and always get some sort of receipt from the person. Hope this helps!

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