Gave my VCI it's first proper public outing last night
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    Default Gave my VCI it's first proper public outing last night

    My little house night went quite well last night, and even better no real issues tech wise.
    as the other dj (deeperbreed) and me were swapping over every half hour so it made for an interesting mix of styles and tunes, the most notable being going from a very funky set from me into something very dirty by adam, via a jazz track.

    best bit was there wasn't any 'not real djs' taunting, and anyone that did come have a look was actually very interested in what we doing/using.
    my set-up was 4 decks on vci 100 and a dicer, adams was 2 decks on a 1d on external mode to 3 ch mixer (i had channel one on internal mix mode)

    only odd thing was deck a not working half way through the night. play button lit, the wave moved, but no sound. quick reboot during one of adams runs solved that though. any thoughts on what could've caused that?

    and even more amusing, as my traktor boot doesn't go online ever, windows on that boot has decided it's not genuine anymore? activated it properly when i set the boot up, then killed all networking stuff, and last night had a messgae at bottom right of screen. very odd... am thinking it might be the sheer level of tweaks i've done, like shell hack in registry. should try logging into the not traktor user of that boot and see what happens.

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    Sweet Homeboy!

    Its that Tippex you used on your buttons....that's causing the issues!


    Windows ey??

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