RobotRock/Punktronica - The Daft Tribute w controller
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    Default RobotRock/Punktronica - The Daft Tribute w controller

    Hey Guys

    RobotRock/Punktronica played in my club tonight. Waiting for some video to post, but in the meantime click the link for some archive video (not tonight's show...which Chino and the rest of the Deftones attended, which was randomish)

    This guy from Arkansas is capitalizing on the "Tribute" trend...great idea with the first ever DJ should controller...

    Thought you might dig it.

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    that was pretty sick.

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    Needs flamethrower at the tip...and more dancers lol

    had to smile at the Robert Palmer dance dou @2:50

    I would have had a very good time at this event
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