Need help with budget setup
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    Default Need help with budget setup

    Christmas is almost upon us again and again I find myself looking for presents I would rather have myself.

    I'm looking for a budget Traktor setup for my brother. I got Eans Oxygen 8 and custom TSI pencilled in and I think I might give it a custom paint job if I get it soon. software is the problem though, here's his specs as accurate as I can give them (I'll be round his house in a week so I'll put updated on when I get on his laptop), I need a version of Trator that'll work with them so Ican introduce him to the wonderful world of digital DJing;

    HP Pavillion something
    1.25 GHz AMD Athlon single core, don't know the exact model
    2GB DDR Ram
    A hard drive
    Strandard graphics
    Creative single output cheapo external sound card.

    The processor is my main concern, my dual core has a hard time if I do too much with the newer Traktor so I want something that's gonna be usable and fun, he's DJ'd with the Technics for decades but never with Laptops but I still want the most functional I can get.

    If you need any more info I'll get to his house and sneakilly run speccy and post a better hardware spec.

    Thanks all.

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    Default RE:........

    Forgot to mention.

    Windows XP SP3 but you already knew that

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    I ran the latest traktor on my XP desktop with basicaly the same spec mate. grab a little free app called gamebooster and it should run fine.
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    Tell him to dual boot with tiny XP, he'll have a clean windows to put his stuff on.
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