Expanding LEDs ?
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    Default Expanding LEDs ?

    Hi there, first post here'

    My MF unit has been dispatched and i have started researching the resources for expansions for later if i ever decide to do it. By the looks of it, tutorials aren't far away but i thought i may as well ask.

    How many additional LEDS can be added to the MF? And is it difficult to modify the software to give these new LEDS MIDI addresses?

    many thanks in advance.

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    LED expansion is a little more difficult as the chip we used for LED controlling (a constant current controller) only has 16 outputs. There are 4 digital inputs/outputs available on the expansion board which we we expected people to use for inputs.

    It's possible to recode the Midifighter software to use two digital pins as outputs to LEDs and two as inputs from switches. A more flexible solution is to use three of the pins as an SPI bus (we chose the pins specifically to allow this) to talk to an off-board controller that looks after a load of additional lights, switches and sliders. That way you can have as many inputs and lights as you like, with the Midifighter motherboard looking after the main keyboard and the USB communication.

    So, no simple solutions, but with a bit of work lots of things are possible.

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    ok, thats the response i needed exactly. sounds like a bit of work and not quite worth it.

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