Is it possible to run ITCH on SL3?
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    Default Is it possible to run ITCH on SL3?

    Sorry if this has been asked before... But Im trying to rework my signal flow and dont really use my SL3 because I just dont have the space for my 3 1200s in my current setup, nor do I really feel they are needed for what Im doing now...

    Im just curious if anyone knows if this is possible to do?

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    um no?

    um a serato itch controller like the v7 is more or less all the serato scratch features rolled into a compact all in one solution, so if youre refering to getting a v7 and running into a sl3 that will be really redundant. same with the denon controller. and thats where the options for integrating the 2 different software end.

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    Well all I wanted to do is run it on internal mode or something like that..
    I have the SL3 soundcard... I just would rather use ITCH than the other software. 4 decks and fx vs 3 decks

    I bought the SL3 thinking I would use it.. but turned it on a few times and now it just sits there...

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    Afaik based on my VCI-300, Itch will just report "Hardware Disconnected" if it can't find an Itch controller (much like I'm assuming Scratch Live does if the SL1/SL3 isn't plugged in?) as I don't think it's possible to change the routing like you can in Traktor in that way
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    too bad ... Would have been nice to offer the different ways some people might eventually want to migrate to.

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    no u cant run itch on sl3,
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    at this point Im just going to use it on internal mode and let Ableton do the rest

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