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    I've been asking questions about various ways to get going with the digital DJ route and this is in my thread in the general discussion forum, but I thought that it might be better asked in here, if that is against the forum rules, I apologise in advance...

    I just watched the midifighter mix on the front page (the one where Ean is using 2 midi fighters that starts with the rage against the machine song) and man that really made me itch for a couple of those, with that in mind things might get quite a bit easier on the equipment side of things, so real quick

    A) what is the mixer that ean is using, and is there a 4 channel equivalent

    B) what would be some nice 2 and 4 channel mixers/controllers that work well with traktor

    C) could I still go timecode and controllers with the 2 midifighter setup

    D) is it possible to go full on with it and get 4 midifighters (one for each deck in traktor pro) all while running the whole thing with 1 4 channel mixer/controller, I imagine that could be some true madness (or I could get overly enamored with all of the buttons and make stuff that sounds like total shit, but I think the things are slicker than whale shit)

    Again thanks to everyone that has taken the time to help me out

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    the mixer ean is using is a ttm57sl which is generally used with serato

    a cheap 4 channel mixer that works with traktor is the ddm4000 a really cheap 2 channel one is an xsession pro you could also go with the new denon mixers,reloop usb mixers, or if you are going for timecode you could get an analogue 2 channel mixer and an audio 4 dj w/ traktor scratch pro.

    the last question yes you could have 4 midi fighters with an audio 8 running into an analogue mixer or just running a usb mixer.

    you can have as many controllers as have usb ports or powered hub, but with timecode an audio 4 you can have 2 timecodes and audio 8's you can have 4 timecodes which limits it

    thats probobly a bit muddled up but theres some truth in there

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