What External HDD do you use (if any)?
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    Default What External HDD do you use (if any)?

    I'm thinking of buying an external hard drive to serve as a backup and to store things i wouldn't play at gigs. What externals do you use/recommend?

    Also... what are the benefits/drawbacks of USB vs Firewire as the HDD interface? and will there be any performance draw backs playing music in traktor from an external?

    Sorry for the number of questions lol I like knowing as much as possible before investing in something

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    i have a 4TB NAS western digital that has my backups, 1 500 gb Firewire powered with a mirror of my up to date music folder, 1 fw ext macally thats a mirror of my HD on my djing laptop. And im working on having a backup that i can put in a safety deposit box just in case.
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