VCI-100SE Mapping + Traktor Scratch Pro Control Vinyl?
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    Question VCI-100SE Mapping + Traktor Scratch Pro Control Vinyl?

    Hi everyone,

    I've been having lots of fun with the VCI-100SE mappings, as well as my Traktor Scratch Pro control vinyls for scratching. However I can't use both together. I can set up the VCI-100SE mapping easily enough, or the control vinyl using default settings for the VCI-100, but if I try to enable timecode control for scratching while the VCI-100SE mapping is imported, the control vinyl doesn't have any effect.

    Additionally, the CUE/CUP buttons which usually change to little record icons when in control vinyl mode remain as CUE/CUP.

    Has anyone had any luck in getting the VCI-100SE mapping to work with a control vinyl controlling one of your four decks? I basically want to have A/B on the VCI and scratch deck D with a control vinyl. Maybe there's something I need to do to the mapping to make it work?

    I apologize if this has been posted before but I searched and honestly couldn't find it.

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    You click on the deck letter (C or D in this instance and choose Timecode).

    You will then see the little records (Absolute and Relative Mode) instead of CUP etc.

    It works 100%.

    I have been doing it for a while.

    Got my upgrade to TSP today will be rocking this exact setup over the weekend.

    Let us know if you are successful!

    Oh have TSP right....not just TP?!?
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    Yes of course I'm using TSP. I have the control vinyl set up and working, just not when the VCI-100SE mapping is loaded.

    I can click the A/B/C/D all day long, but it doesn't change the CUE/CUP buttons if the mapping is loaded. If I reset the mapping to the default VCI-100 mapping that comes with Traktor, then clicking the A/B/C/D will work.

    I can even see the Scratch Panel after activating it, so I can see the signal coming in and changing when I move the record, it just has no effect on the track and the CUE/CUP remain.

    I've tried it quite a few times, always the same results. I have to reset Traktor's mapping to the default one if I want to scratch with control vinyl.

    Can you confirm which version of Ean's mapping you are using with your control vinyl?

    I should note I'm doing this on Windows, I'll try it on my Macbook to confirm the problem on both OSes.

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    Hi guys,

    has any of you found out how to make this work?

    I was using a recent version of Traktor Scratch Pro on Windows and had everything running smoothly with my VCI-100 and timecoded vinyls. I was given a macbook pro running OSX 1.4 and had to downgrade to Scratch Pro 1.2 as this is the last version supported in OSX Tiger.

    Unfortunately I am now in the same situation: have the vci100 working smoothly, but even when I can see the timecoded vinyls spinning and reacting, they won't control the track and the CUE/CUP buttons stay there, no sign of the little record icons that were there in the newer version.

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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    Ohhhh... I must be mentally challenged, and have lost the manual:
    there's a small button under the deck letter that allows to change between cue/cup and the deck modes... hope this helps!!

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