Midi Fighter Midi mapping/ wondering how to map easiest way?
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    Default Midi Fighter Midi mapping/ wondering how to map easiest way?

    Ive bought a midi fighter and trying to figure out the easiest way. Ive been trying to do it by hand on the crappy user screen through the Traktor pro prefs but its extremely small to be starting a screen like that for hours. Ive also tired to use the traktorbible tsi viewer but on works for 1.1 and windows. It sucks because I know what I want to do but I cannot map the process. Is there a way to make the window bigger or use a third party program on MAC to map and then import it to traktor? Any thoughts or ideas would help me greatly, this just really sucks on my eyes and brain

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    Unfortunately, we have to deal with the tiny controller manager window until NI gets their act together and gives us either a bigger window or at least one that's resizeable. You think that's bad, think about how the DJTT crew feels making their own mappings!
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    Super lame....

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