VCI Arcade jogwheel issue
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    Default VCI Arcade jogwheel issue

    EDIT: Pretty simple fix. I didnt download the latest tks file . Its all working fine now. Mods may want to delete?

    Hey all!

    Today i just finished doing the arcade mod to my VCI which, after some issues, is running smoothly appart from my jog wheels.
    I am only able to use them as pitch benders when not in scratch mode, and only if i touch the outer acrylic edge. Scratch mode is pretty much useless as i can only stop the track when i touch the inner metal part of the jog wheel.
    Has anybody had this happen to them, and how did you fix it?

    Thanks in advance

    PS. im not sure if it'd help but im running 1.4fw and 3.5.2tks
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