Hi there, I am running Traktor Pro with V4 firmware and tsi file. I am running an external mixer and noticed Traktor locked up when i had the top left effects button on and moved the right channel fader down. I am guessing that when you have an external mixer conencted and use the 2D external mixer selected in Traktor and output routing to external that Traktor gets confused when using mappings designed for internal only. I wondered if you could confirm this?

Should i be right in thinking with an external mixer i should only use the Cue buttons and jog wheel?

I have also noticed through DPC latency checker that when Traktor runs in full screen mode it causes higher latency spikes than non Full screen mode, nothing to put up a warning (after i installed new Nvidia drivers and turned off non essential services) but noticably higher peak 802us vrs 403us (without full screen)
Any one else found this?

Otherwise great firmware and mappings. find though that you have to increase the latency on your sound card otherwise you get the pops when you press the Exit and Toggle buttons. Also the FX button next to the sample button. Any one else found this? simular to the 1.3 mappings before the Glitch fix versions.