Looking for Dub Step/Hip Hop cuts.
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    Default Looking for Dub Step/Hip Hop cuts.

    Ive been getting a lot of, "Do you have any rap?" or " Do you have any Hip Hop?"

    And of course I say no. So this is some thing Ive been putting together for some time now. But Im not going to lie. Ive never been into Hip Hop/Gangsta rap/ Rap before. As of right now I might have a total or 5-6 tracks that are what im looking for out of 80 gigs of beat I have on my laptop. Need to fatten it up so I can drop it at the next house party I play at.

    So what Im asking today is. Can some of you point me into the right direction for some good remixed Hip Hop/Dub Step?

    Thanks guys.
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    Excision and Datsik - A Mille remix

    Steve1der - Pretty Boy Swag remix

    Vice and Riddler - Find Your Love remix

    I'd just go onto youtube, look at these and just start clicking links, you will find quite a lot. Most Dj pools have a lot too if you are a member of one.
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    Youtube, Google and Blogs are your friend.
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