Toneport UX2
MOTU 8pre

Macbook Pro

M Audio Axiom 61 Keyboard Controller
Akai APC40

Mixer is irrelevant in this scenario. I'm having difficulties synching Traktor and Ableton now that I recently got the Akai APC40.

The way that I set it up before I got the APC40 is as follows:
I ran Traktor on the computer that uses the MOTU 8pre. From the midi out on the MOTU, the midi clock was sent to the Axiom61. The Axiom was hooked up to the Ableton machine via USB, where it received the MIDI clock. This worked perfectly.

Now that I have the Akai, I can no longer use this setup since I can't fit 3 USB devices (toneport, axiom, akai) on one computer (only 2 ports)***. So I changed my setup to the following:

The machine using the MOTU is now running Ableton (with the akai via USB, MOTU via firewire). The machine using the toneport is now running Traktor(with the toneport via USB, axiom via USB). Basically, the difference from the above setup is that I swapped software on the machines. My issue is that the MIDI clock, being sent "backwards" (from Traktor through USB to the Axiom through its MIDI out into the MIDI in on my 8pre) with respect to my original setup, does not reach Ableton. For whatever reason, my 8pre is not receiving it. Can anyone offer suggestions why it would work one way, but not the reverse way? Or, does anyone know how to configure the 8pre so that it can receive the MIDI data so that I can slave Ableton to Traktor?

***I tried using a USB hub, however the controllers freaked out when I did this. If anyone could offer a solution to this, then it would solve my issue entirely. I used a powered, D-Link DUB-H7 USB Hub. The latency of my MIDI controllers when setting them up this way was atrocious.

Thank you for any suggestions in advance!