Shift and Play-light Bug
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    Default Shift and Play-light Bug

    Hi Guys.
    Just noticed a Bug or Problem in the new tsi with the 1.4 firmware.
    Whenever you press the shift key the blue led in the play button turns off into the normal green light even if the Deck is still playing. Dont know if this is possible to fix because all the lights on the vci turn off for a quarter of a second whenever you press shift. Just wanted to inform you.
    Hope noone else did before


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    Greetings. I just got my VCI 100SE and I have noticed this as well. Same thing happens if I go to juggle mode and back the lid for the play button goes back to green. It would be nice if it would stick. I have been looking at the TSI and I can only see two types of led outputs for the play button an that is for juggle mode 5-8 and play. Is the green light on by default? Would it be possible to turn it off? Or at least let the play light stay lit?

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