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    This weekend I played with this new shure mic I purchased. The shure pg24 pg58.
    I also play with a Vestax VCI-300, Dell Laptop and Mackie TH15A speakers.I run the speakers through a DI box to the VCI vestax/

    Well everytime I would try to talk. I would get this crazy loud sound. I would have to move from behind my gear to about 15ft from it to get rid of the sound. It was like a huge loud, Feedback / Hum sound. Scare the crap out of you sound.

    Because I couldnt find the right cord in time, I ran 1/4 from the shure transmitter (unbalanced) to the 1/4 input of the VCI-300 mic input. Would the face that is was unbalanced made a difference or was it the RF frequcency of everything.

    I never adjusted the channels either as I just came from behind my gear and made my annoucements. Fortunately I had someone with me, that could start the songs as needed.

    Any Ideas?

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    Turn down your monitor before you turn on the mic.

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    there are a lot of things that can cause that...

    1. Feedback - You'll need to make sure the anything coming out of the speakers isn't going back into the microphone. This can be fixed by adjusting levels or EQ.

    2. Ground loop - You may have a cable that is wrapped or laying on top of itself several times. If it's a cheap cable then you'll get a hum/buzz

    3. Bad Power - Unclean power causes all sorts of strange noises on gear. One time my guitar player plugged his amp into the same circuit that had lights on a dimmer. Every time the lights went down into a lower level his amp buzzed like crazy. You can use a power conditioner to fix this in some cases, but it has to be a good power conditioner. Cheap ones are just surge protectors.
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