VCI100SEv1.3 + TraktorPro. Problems with TSI Mapping. Help!
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    Default VCI100SEv1.3 + TraktorPro. Problems with TSI Mapping. Help!

    I ran through Ean's video "VCI-100 Special Edition+ Traktor Pro = sick!" ( after loading the new TSI file for VCI100. However, some of the maps apparently do not work for some reason. Below is a diagnostic:

    -Looping: Works
    -Filters: Works
    -Fader Fx: Nothing
    -Effects (eg. Reverb/Flanger): Nothing
    -Deck C & Juggle buttons: Nothing
    -Fader/Fx Performance Mode: Replaces the default settings to settings that do nothing. Beat juggling, reverb, flanger all do not work - Yes I know you have to press the fx button twice to use effect.
    -Scratch/Juggle Toggle: Works

    Any ideas as to why these features are not working?

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    did you load the FX and MIDI settings?

    for juggle mode you need to have cue points stored.

    deck C- no idea, it works for everyone else.

    which firmware file do you have?

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