What gigs did you take to get where you are now?
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    Default What gigs did you take to get where you are now?

    Specifically I'm asking, who is hot and wild rockin' dubstep sets that used to have to do weddings and play country bars just to get ahead?

    I have to play a few sets for what I think is a rock crowd when I'd rather be chopping it up B-more style.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm gonna try killin' some classics with my style but for the most part I gotta play to the crowd. Y'know how it goes.


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    Although I've been playing gigs for 9 years, I'd say it took about a year and a half of gigs (and making them all count), constant networking, and self-promoting to establish my notoriety. It's hard to do if you're constantly doing opening gigs or playing smaller shows, but you've really got to make the most out of every gig for both the people that go to the events and the people that book you. If you keep doing well, you'll eventually land the gig that gives you your "big break."
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    anything and everything to get my word out and then u can filter out the ones u dont want once ur name is created out there
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    I played clubs and gigs for free for YEARS!

    Once I was getting asked to play regularly....I started charging.
    Even then it was little.

    Once I was 'seen' as a DJ that attracts people....i got offered a residency.
    Even THEN it was a next to nothing.

    Only once i plucked up the courage to say FUCK YOU to the Org I played for and was snapped up by my current residency did I start getting paid proper.

    I play less....but get paid much more.

    I did the mobile DJ thing right in the beginning to get experience in front of people.
    Played some metal and Rock parties....but ultimately stuck to my genre i love.

    Yeah....small clubs....little pay....NETWORKING!
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    The key here is getting good enough to justify asking for the money, but being able to walk away when they won't pay it.
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    Play anywhere you can, but stay true to yourself. Don't pretend you're a 80's DJ or Rock DJ just because that job is available. You'll suck at it.
    On the other hand, don't lock yourself in a musical box early on. A inexperienced DJ that only plays wobble or nerdcore tracks isn't going to get any gigs.

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    Hey bro i'm starting out too, And i do ANY GIG POSSIBLE lol// That other guy is rite/
    U have to self promote... There's no use in shutting anything down because u need to focus your energy into opening doors, not closing them...

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    Don't rush it though... you should try and select the gigs that you think you'll have fun rockin'. The sad truth is that if you suck that word gets out much quicker and further than if you rock da house. And if you can't / don't want to play what the majority of the crowd wants then they will think you suck.

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    make mixes of music you enjoy playing, hand them out at your gigs with contact info. if they like it and book you, they know what to expect.
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