Traktor Pro with Ablton Live 7.0.10
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    Default Traktor Pro with Ablton Live 7.0.10

    I have tried to sync MIDI clock signals with Ableton and Traktor Pro. the setup works but most times the trigger finger looses functionality on Ableton.

    My Setup.

    Laptop 1:
    MacBook Pro
    OS/X 10.5x
    Traktor Pro
    Midi clock send enabled
    Sound interface: AudioDJ8 (USB)

    Laptop 2:
    Dell PC
    Ableton live 7.0.10
    Trigger Finger (USB)
    Sound interface: Presonus FIREBOX (firewire)

    MIDI OUT from AudioDJ8 connected to MIDI IN on FIREBOX
    Ableton MIDI Settings:
    Trigger Finger: Track = ON; Sync = OFF; Remote = ON
    FIREBOX MIDI: Track = OFF; Sync = ON; Remote = OFF
    the EXT button enabled.

    I start Ableton and load the set, the Trigger Finger is working fine.
    When I start Traktor MIDI Sync, intermettenly, the Trigger Finger stops to work. Not sure what is the problem.

    Has anyone heard or resolved this issue

    to test I took Traktor out of the picture and connected an external rhythm device, yamaha Rm1x, and that works fine with the Ableton and trigger finger.

    Need serious help, please..

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    Sounds like a bug inside of Live, try upgrading your version and trying again.

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    Ok, so I tried this again with many Windows XP features closed and did not see any hickups. i will test again by shutting them off one by one.. now another problems is with the MIDI Sync.. when I slide the players to change the tempo. beat is not synced, there is a mismatch on the beat and i have to re-sync the Ableton. What is different in the MIDI tempo change from Traktor Pro verses an external rythem machine. I tried the yamaha Rm1x with Ableton and it worked like a charm when I changed the tempo on the rm1x, no beat mismatch.

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