Line Fader Issues-Glitchy Volume
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    Question Line Fader Issues-Glitchy Volume

    I have been having this issue on and off but enough that it can really reck a mix recording session.

    With the right volume fader all the way up the volume jumps between the full on and 3/4 on sparatically. It only does it on the right line fader, but it does it both on deck B and D in the exact same way.

    I've tried turning off the VCI and turning it back on. Making sure the line faders are either all the way up or down (i've tried it both ways). This doesn't seem to fix the issue at all. Re-importing the TSI file 2-3 times does nothing either.

    Shutting down Traktor and the controller and rebooting everything seems to reset everything just fine, but thats not really an option except last resort.

    Mine doesn't do this everytime, but about 1 of every four or five times I play. I haven't noticed any other patterns like certain songs being glitchy.

    Anyone else had this issue or know a fix?


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    Does the fader on the screen jump around at the same time? If so probably needs a good cleaning.
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    i had the same problem and reseating the (loose) screws on the upfader solved the issue

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    give it a good clean, had the same issue a few years ago with a bcd

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