Count the Crane's
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    Default Count the Crane's

    Look closely for your chance to win free Crane schwag. Keep track of every time a Crane Stand comes into the shot and then email your answer to

    Recorded at Decibel Festival 2010 in Seattle, WA. For more information about Decibel Festival, visit

    Thought i would share this... after i submitted my entry of course.

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    Although I've already moved on from using turntables as my primary rig, I still can't help but feel a bit of sadness when vids and pics show the 1200 at gigs being nothing more than a place to sit one's CD album.

    vinylist since 1983, but still moving forward!

    it's a good time to be a DJ.

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    I would definitely take a free one

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    i could use a free one. but i cant count past 8 (counting beats)

    you know youre a dj when you cant count past 64
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    If the pack of lions are in sync then they're not real lions so it doesn't count.

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    crane's awesome
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    iatf = in after the farhanashraf
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    its ibtf! iatf is too easy to get!
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    what we have done

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