i have always been interested in music production and i have been djing with traktor for some time and then a kontrol x1 since its release.

I already own ableton live, traktor pro, a kontrol x1 and an ipad which i use touch osc with

i am also thinking of purchasing a uc33e for production and djing

but what i am having trouble with is understanding how i would have everything mapped and setup

i emailed a guy on youtube asking about his setup (which is similar to mine) but i had trouble making out what he was saying because his english was not the best.

this is one of his videos

and this is his reply about his setup

would anybody be able to help me out with what he is saying, it is more a lack of understanding for technology than his english skills
I have many Setupīs using all this )
Everything is mapped for Ableton just on my Laptop to play Live.

@homestudio using PC and Laptop together.
PC-------- runing with Traktor - UC-33e - Kontrol X1
Laptop--- runing with Ableton - IPAD / TouchOSC or Touchable - Audio 8DJ

@Live... Laptop with Ableton - " UC-33e - Kontrol X1 - IPAD - Audio 8 DJ "

To map all this with ableton, u need MIDI Yoke " its very important ,
dont try if u are not sure " MIDI Yoke is not a normal driver! It is a like a MIDI Patch Cable: it takes any data that shows up at its MIDI Yoke Output port and spits it out of its MIDI Yoke Input port -- Software -- www.midiox.com
With this u start routing your Midi ports , to use all controllers for Ableton or Traktor.
To map the Kontrol X1 u need to start the Controller Editor for the X1 always before u start Ableton. the lights of the X1 have to be on before u start Ableton.
Its a little difficult and my english is very bad. sorry
The Audio 8 DJ is neccesary using 2 PC - 2 systems Ableton and Traktor to
route my sound. 4 Decks - 2 Turntables - 2 CD players. 8 in / 8 out.
wenn i have time, I will try to make a small video to my setupīs.
hope to help with the video maybe..

thanks very much