Some questions about Bentosan's smart mixing template
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    Default Some questions about Bentosan's smart mixing template

    Hey guys!

    Iím new here on DJTT and Iíve been trying BentoSanís smart mixer template for Ableton Live.

    It seems very nice and Iím still trying to learn how it functions. Iíve been reading the FAQ about 40 times (Iím not joking), and tried to understand the knobs etc, but some things just dosenít make any sense to me so I wanted to ask some questions here at the forum.

    My Setup is Ableton live 8.1.3, APC40 midi-controller and an external M-Audio Fast Track Ultra sound card. So, I havenít synced Traktor with Ableton or anything.

    When I map the buttons on my APC40 there but the buttons dosenít ďlight upĒ. Why is that? I think the first time I mapped the buttons I managed to get them lit up, but know Iíve been trying a lot ot times without any luck.

    The biggest problem for me is to understand which knobs that is affecting which Deck. I do understand the low on/off and high on/off buttons though. Is there any better FAQ or explanation about this out there?

    Letís say you have a track playing with a bassline and youíre gonna mix in the other track. Which knobs do you usually (of course not every time since itís difference depending on the track) use to blend in the other track and the most importantÖ..why?! I would really appreciate an explanation.

    If I put some effects in this smart mixing template and use them on a deck while mixing in another track on Deck B, how does it affect the smart mixing and side-chain compression etc?

    Is there possibly anyone here that have this template for the APC40 mapped correctly and everything, because Iím not really sure that I mapped things properly and that itís affects the whole mixing. Would be very appreciated!

    Iím really looking forward to a video tutorial for this smart mixing template because Iíve been googling my ass off to get some information about things and canít find anything.

    I will definitely make a donation as soon as I start to learn this properly

    Kindest regards

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    You gotta be kidding me? No replies?

    Is there anybody here that could offer some help/advice please?

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    We all are waiting for that video mate!

    The LED problem is a mapping issue with the APC40 itself.

    In regards to the Smartmixer, you have a buttons to tell the system which track is dominant (Which ones bass is being played) and a knob to set the frequency point for the sidechain.
    So you should in theory tell it which track is dominant and use the knob to control how much is side chained.
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