More music like this! (Michael Woods)
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    Default More music like this! (Michael Woods)

    I recently discovered this artist`s music:

    Needless to say I was blow away by the steady build in energy and the track just lets loose.

    To me, this doesn't sound very much like trance, I was wondering what genre it was and if anyone of you out there can recommend me similar songs/artists of the like.


    (oh and please no deadmau5)
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    he labels it as progressive house. hadnt heard it, thanks.

    edit: maybe not exactly the same genre (i fail at genre-identification) but this has had my foot tappin for a while now..

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    It sounds like trance to me, may not actually be trance as constructed lately, but in 2001 this would have been called trance for sure

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    I love his tracks. He has that Deadmau5 progressive style to him. Really digging his version of Dancing on My Own. I like it better than the Avicii remix that is popular now.
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