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    Looks like it's gonna be an epic party once you get the sound sorted out.
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    Start with your soundsystem before you decide on a generator, don't go the other way round.

    Look at the amplifier specs and count the Amps.

    Amps are Watts/Volts, so you can factor in lighting by summing the watts on a circuit and dividing by 120 or 240 (depending on your local power standard).

    Rent a generator that can provide that many Amps. If you want reliability, factor in an additional 20%.

    Circuit breaker protect anything expensive.

    Get the gennie up to speed before turning anything on and turn on the setup in stages. This alone is a good reason to have walkie-talkies onsite.

    Keep the gennie away from the party, covered and outdoors, (carbon monoxide is no fun in an enclosed space) and at least 10 foot separated from the fuel source.

    Never fuel a gennie while it's running, which is a good reason to have two on hand. Get used to turning stuff off while you refuel, which also makes for a reinvigorating break in the party (remember to warn people!).

    I'm sure others have more advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatlimey View Post
    S(carbon monoxide is no fun in an enclosed space)
    I thought of this last night, It might be fun up until you get tired and go to sleep. After that it's all downhill.
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    I would agree with Fatlimey.

    We just recently did this when we started out to make a rave/party bus. Find out what equipment you will use, lighting and sound, find out how much power they will use and factor 20-25% extra THEN you RENT a generator for one evening.

    From what we heard there shouldn't be a problem fueling up the generator while its on, unless its really low on fuel.

    Circuit Breakers are a must.

    have a great party dude.

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    Plug a converter into your cigarette lighter. uses more gas than a jenny but a hell of a lot cheaper for a small party.
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    You guys need to think outside the box. VICTROLA. And a big pile of 78s. No power needed, just wind the crank between each record...

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